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January 27, 2010, 1:22 pm
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Ever find yourself...

  • wondering whether information that you find on the Internet (and elsewhere) is truly accurate?
  • confronted by a piece of information but unable to understand how it fits into the bigger picture?
  • confused by endless debates on important issues and
    want to better understand the underlying facts?
  • frustrated by the seemingly pointless trivia pervading
    media today and want to explore and be inspired by
    things of greater substance and meaning?

...then you’ve come to the right place: the Digital Universe!         

The Digital Universe Directory is a collaboration between the Digital Universe Foundation and TRUNITY, which provides the technology platforms the powers the Digital Universe. The Digital Universe Directory comprises a network of subject-specific web sites organized by topic into "Portals" – such as the Earth Portal or the Cosmos Portal – with reliable information from trusted sources covering a wide range of subjects. The portal network is being built by hundreds of scientists, researchers, scholars and other experts — known as Stewards — from around the world.  These Stewards assemble the best and most reliable information available, organizing it for easy access to the general public. In addition to making sometimes arcane information easier to understand, the Digital Universe (with the help of the Digital Universe Navigator) creates links between related information and places this information into the overall context of human knowledge.

Guided by the non-profit Digital Universe Foundation, the Digital Universe is at its beginning: it's a multi-year — even multi-decade — project, with the eventual goal of covering no less than the sum total of human knowledge. Already, there are several major portals underway (in order of maturity):

  1. Earth Portal — covering the Earth's environment and its resources
  2. Cosmos Portal — covering astronomy, the Solar System and our place in the Cosmos
  3. Oceans Portal — covering the the Earth's oceans and its life-forms
  4. Human Rights Portal

To learn more about the Digital Universe, we direct you to the following destinations:

If you are an expert in a field and would like to become the Steward of an existing Digital Universe Website or start a new Digital Universe Website please go to the Steward Application page.



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