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May 8, 2010, 9:30 pm
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Sidney Draggan wrote: 05-08-2010 17:28:08

Dear Mr. Chetambe: Your posting is compelling and I am pleased to introduce you to the Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE), an electronic reference focused on the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review EoE's preparation and publication of science-based, defensible, reliable and credible articles. The articles are written in non-technical language and will be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public. Among the Encyclopedia's collections is the Africa Collection. This new collection centers on the environmental, economic and social challenges faced by the peoples of Africa. The goal of this collection is to draw attention to the magnitude and complexity of the challenges faced by the African continent in general and within each of its countries. The impact of these challenges goes beyond Africa that has the world’s widest environmental, economic, and social disparities among all countries worldwide. The contributors to the African Collection are leading scientists and organizations from within and outside of Africa. This collection is a work in progress and you are encouraged to write articles for, and visit on a regular basis to learn more about what is being done in African countries. To help you learn about the challenges faced by each of the countries, we have designed an interactive map—including basic information on every African nation as well as EoE articles relating to particular countries and ecological systems.

PAUL KAKAI CHETAMBE wrote: 04-28-2010 21:38:39

Hello Friends, Greetings from Kenya.We the young people are looking forward to have new links with the world ready to empower its human societies and bring a difference as defined under United Nations Goals.Right, here I am a student at the Masinde Muliro University, Western Kenya. I am an artist,leading community groups,civil societies and business community to join the collective agenda of the Trinity and One world. I request for your further involvement across the world.Africa was colonised and robbed its motherhood and dignity.