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Welcome to the Digital Universe Oceans Website, sub-website of the Earth Website. This website and it's encyclopedia are stewarded by leading Ocean Scientists from the International Ocean Institute and other leading organizations around the world.


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#20: First sightings of leafy seadragons! Last Updated on 2009-11-10 00:00:00 I went out for another dive in search of leafy seadragons and lucked out as we spotted four throughout the dive. Two were juveniles (probably 1 - 1.5 year olds) and two were adults. Leafy seadragon (Photo: Jeremy Brodt) One was even a large male with eggs on its tail. Read more and see videos... More »
#19: Strange sights in Australia... Last Updated on 2009-11-07 00:00:00 Since I'll be away for the next few days hunting for leafy seadragons along the coast of South Australia I likely won't have access to email so it may be a day or two until you hear of my journeys. So, I thought this might be a good opportunity to show you some photos of the interesting, head scratching, thought provoking and down right humours things I've come across while down under ... while both above and below the water. Hope you enjoy. High-heel fin (Photo: Jeremy Brodt) Read more... More »
#17: Giving a talk and taking old wife and bullseye videos in South Australia Last Updated on 2009-11-05 00:00:00 I got to do my first dive in South Australia today. Unfortunately the visibility was pretty bad do to a fairly strong swell and therefore there was little chance of finding a leafy sea dragon. It was still quite a fun dive though and I got to see several interesting fish and invertebrates like this old wife: Read more and see more videos... More »
#16: Connecting with Reef Watch in Australia Last Updated on 2009-11-02 00:00:00 I arrived in Adelaide, South Australia to a leafy seadragon reception at the airport. I spent my first day here at the Reef Watch Marine Creatures Expo. Leafy seadragon (Photo: Jeremy Brodt) Reef Watch is a community based monitoring program that utilizes "citizen scientists" to do systematic surveys at local reefs and intertidal areas to assess the health of these rocky reefs and contribute to adaptive management of the local coastal areas (similar to the Great Annual Fish Count that Aquarium divers reported on here). Read more... More »
The eradication of rats on McKean Island Last Updated on 2009-09-17 00:00:00 The expedition has been going fast and furious and moments to write blog entries are sometimes fleeting. The deck salon and cabins are spaces with the constant motion of people, dive gear, science gear, NAI'A crew in their blue uniforms doing their part in running the ship, and so on. At this moment, Stuart Sandin just walked by with his wetsuit half pulled up and looking for his clipboard. Craig Cook just came to me and said he was about to set up the hyperbaric chamber again for testing; Brian Skerry walks by with two underwater camera housings with strobes, one draped over each arm like leggy spiders. All is going well as we make our way through the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA). A dive skiff approaching the Phoenix Islands photographed for the National Geographic article about a previous expedition (Photo: Paul Nicklen) Yesterday, we stopped for nine hours at McKean Island,... More »